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25 -March -2019

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ALFEIOS RODI S.A. is progressing through its third year of life.

It consists of an organized developmental financial activity, pertaining to the cultivation of pomegranate trees, the processing and marketing of pomegranate products, developing in the broader  are of the valley of the rivers Alfeios, Ladonas and Erymanthos.

It started off as an idea, became a vision, went on to be a plan, quickly turned into a dynamic multi-stakeholder company, with 70 founding shareholders, of all ages and different professions, coming from the regions of Arcadia and Ilia first, and then expanded very soon to the whole of Peloponnese and part of Central Greece.

Today, three years later, the company’s manpower counts 126 shareholders and our business portfolio contains 60,000 pomegranate plants of the “Wonderful” variety. Our trees are cultivated on an approximate total surface of 1100 acres, by the landowners supported by the company through developmental, managerial, marketing and cultural services.

The company has created and has been conserving a scientific database. We have proceeded to a capital stock raising and added on members, gained AGRO 2,1 – 2,2 and as of this year GLOBAL GAP cultivation certifications. In the year 2014 our first certified pomegranate production shall reach the market.

This year, as the pomegranates of ALFEIOS RODI S.A. reach the market, we are to make our second big leap forward. Our 700,000€ investment plan for the creation of a pomegranate juice factory in Ilia has approved. 475,000€ of that amount pertain to the Olypmia LEADER, with 50% ownership participation and 50% subsidy.

Our ideas and our actions do not stop here. The thorough market analysis, to excellent product we produce, the high nutritional, pharmaceutical and cosmetologic value of our product, but above all the power of the team effort, are leading us to new, maybe even bigger steps.

Our venture is commercial, it is social, but it is primarily pioneering and certainly lucrative for the stockholders – farmers – members of our company, as well as for the satellite professionals around the company.



Team is our power!

126 stockholders, 1100 acres, 60,000 pomegranate trees!

Two and a half years since our first step, we are now building our juice factory!

The president of ALFEIOS RODI S.A.

Paraskevas Paraskevopoulos